Upcoming Competitions – Spring 2019

  • TFA Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #4 – April 14th
    • Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gymnasium, Coquitlam
  • Dynamo Youth Open Grand Finale – April 28th
    • Dynamo Fencing Club, Richmond
  • 2019 Stephen Lazar Memorial Tournament – May 5th
    • AMS Student Nest (UBC), Vancouver
  • Jeux de Pomme – May 18th-19th
    • Beairsto Elementary School, Vernon
  • Fence-A-Thon – May 25th-26th
    • Royal Oak Middle School, Victoria
  • Meadowridge Open – May 25th-26th
    • Meadowridge School, Maple Ridge
  • TFA Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit Final – June 2nd
    • Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gymnasium, Coquitlam
  • 2019 BC Provincials (Youth) – June 8th-9th
  • 2019 BC Provincials (Senior) – June 22nd-23rd
    • Dynamo Fencing Club, Richmond

All Event Registration (AskFred)https://askfred.net/Events/future.php?


CFF joins with Respect Group Inc.

The CFF has joined forces with Respect Group Inc. in order to ensure that the fencing community is free of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. The CFF has stated that all activity leaders, volunteers and staff will be required to take part in training programs.

Anyone who holds a CFF license will be eligible to take part in training, which will be taking over the next year. For more information about the organization or how to become Respect Certified, click the links below.


CFF Respect: http://fencing.ca/respect-in-sport/

Respect Group Inc.: http://respectgroupinc.com/respect-in-sport/



2019 Cadet/Junior Pan Am Championships – Bogota, Colombia

This past February, four BC athletes competed in Bogota, Colombia for the 2019 Pan American Championships. Although this was not a national team qualifying event, the competition would have been a good preparation for the upcoming World Championships.

Seraphim Jarov and Fynn Fafard both competed in the Junior Men’s Epee individual and team events. In the individual event, Seraphim went 4-1 in his poule, which seeded him 15th going into the DEs. Fynn won 3 and lost 2 in his poule, seeding him 18th. With both boys seeded near the middle of the pack, they were each rewarded with BYEs into the round of 32. However, their close results meant that they had to face off right away. Fynn ended up winning the bout 15-9, advancing him into the 16s – Seraphim finished in 18th. Fynn then fenced Alexandre Camargo (BRA), but lost a close 15-14 bout against the Brazilian. Fynn finished in 16th.

In Team, Seraphim and Fynn were joined by teammates Nathan Brunet and Ted Vinnitchouk, Canada was ranked 7th out of the eleven teams in the event. Their first bout was against Bolivia, where they took a landslide victory of 45-20 to advance into the 8s. Unfortunately, the team fell to Brasil, losing 45-36. Overall, Canada finished 5th.

Christina Zozulya represented Canada in Cadet and Junior Women’s Epee individual and Junior team events. Christina started the competition off with Junior women’s epee, where she went 5-1 in her poule. She was 6th going into the DEs, but still had to fence the first round of 32. She won her first DE 15-11 against Xiany Xiu Lay Rivera (PUR), and advanced into the round of 16. Her next DE was against Greta Candreva (USA), but she lost 15-9 to the American. She came 10th.

Next up was the team event, where Christina fenced alongside Tamara Booy, Shirley Guo and Ariane Leonard. Canada was ranked 2nd going into the event, behind the top-seeded USA. With their high initial seeding, the girls were granted a BYE into the round of 8 – first facing off against Brasil. The team won 45-39 to make it into the semi-final against Chile. Another win for Canada, 41-35, and their were into the final against USA. The USA took the final victory 45-33, and Christina and the Canadian team won the silver.

Christina’s last event was Cadet women’s epee, where she started off strong going 4-1 in her poule. This placed her in 9th seed for DEs. Her first bout was against Carolina Polo (BRA), which she won 15-12. In the round of 16, she faced off with Canadian teammate Grace Xu, who she beat 15-8. In top 8, Christina won a close 15-14 bout against Victoria Vizeu (BRA), to move her into the semi-final against Shirley Guo. She was victorious in her bout against her teammate, going 15-13. She ended up losing to Greta Candreva (USA) in the final, 15-8.

Two silver medals for Christina, Congratulations!

Thomas Greenwood fenced in the Cadet Men’s Sabre event, where he went 3-2 in his poule. Going into the first round of DEs Thomas was tied for the 14th seed, which put him up against Peter Flores (USA). He won this first bout 15-9 to put him through to the 16. His second DE was also a 15-9 victory, sending him through to the quarter-final. It was in this top 8 bout that he lost 15-12 to Matheus Becker (BRA). Thomas finished 7th overall! Congratulations!

Congratulations all of our BC fencers and their team Canada teammates. Seraphim, Fynn, Christina and Thomas will all be competing in Turn, Poland at the 2019 Cadet/Junior World Championships. Good Luck everyone!

2018 October NAC – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This past weekend, a handful of BC fencers traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to compete in the first NAC of the Canadian qualification season. The competition ran from October 12th-15th, and consisted of Div 1, Div 2, Cadet, and wheelchair events.

On day one, Thomas Greenwood competed in the Cadet men’s sabre event. He started the day off strong with 4 wins and only 1 loss in his poole of 6, seeding him 24th going into DEs. Thomas had a BYE through the first round, but unfortunately the following DE 15-6. He finished the event in 39th place.

Day two, Christina Zozulya competed in the second day of the Div 1 women’s epee event. Another strong start in pooles for our BC athlete, as she came out with 5 wins and 1 loss in both round of pooles. After the second day’s round of pooles, Christina was seeded 21st going into the direct eliminations. Her first DE was against another Canadian athlete, who Christina beat 15-8 to move on to the round of 64. Her 64’s DE was a very close 15-14, and put her through to 32’s. It was in the 32 that she lost to an American 15-7, which placed her 19th after two days of competition.

Div 2 women’s epee, and the second day of Div 1 men’s epee took place on day 3 of the NAC. Nicole Su placed within the top 16, and Miranda Yang placed within the top 32. Nicole started her pooles off with 5 wins and 0 losses, which seeded her 7th going into DEs. Miranda also won all of her poole bouts, and was seeded 1st!  In Nicole’s first DE she defeated her opponent 15-6, and continued by beating her following opponent in the 64, 15-6 as well. In the round of 32, Nicole won 15-12. It was in the top 16 that Nicole lost 15-13 to an American athlete. Miranda had a BYE through the round of 128, and continued the event by winning her first DE 15-12. Unfortunately, she lost her second bout 15-10. Nicole finished the event in 11th and Miranda in 17th.

In Div 1 men’s epee, Howard came out of pooles seeded 29th after finishing with 4 wins and 2 losses. In the first round of DE’s, Howard handily beat his American opponent 15-4. He then went on to lose a close 7-6 bout in the round of 64. Overall he came out with a 46th place finish, but this wasn’t the end of the competition for him as he still had the cadet event.

The last day of competition both Christina and Howard would be fencing again, but this time in the cadet epee categories. Women’s epee was up first at 8am, where Christina left pooles with 5 wins and only 1 loss, This result put her in a 14th seed position as she advanced into the direct eliminations. Both her first and second DE’s concluded with 15-6 wins for Christina, However, it was in her top 16 DE that she lost to the 3rd place seed 15-11. She finished the event in 14th place.

Finally, Howard competed in the cadet men’s epee event. He also went 5-1 in his poole, but was tied for the 11th place seeding. His ranking earned him a BYE through the round of 128, and straight into the 64. His first bout was a close 15-13, but he pulled through to move onto the 32’s. The next opponent he faced was another Canadian, but Howard sailed through the bout, and he ended up winning 15-5. Top 16 saw a 15-11 finish for Howard, and another 15-9 win in the round of 8. In the semi-final, he faced a 10th place seeded American, and unfortunately lost a close battle of 15-14. Congratulations Howard on your bronze medal!

Well done to all of our BC athletes on their results, and good luck in your various competitions yet to come!


2018 US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 4 Recap

Monday, July 2nd (Day 4 of BC competition), we watched Cadet women’s foil and Cadet men’s epee.

In Cadet women’s foil, Sabrina Fang would fence one last time for the weekend. She started the day strong with 5 victories and 1 loss in her poule, grasping a 25th place initial seeding, and a BYE into the round of 128. She won her first DE with an impressive 15-6 victory. In 64’s, Sabrina proved herself yet again with a 15-5 victory over a Central Californian fencer. However, it was in the 32’s that the tables turned and Sabrina lost a 15-7 match. In the end she finished with a 26th place result. Congratulations Sabrina!

It was in the Cadet men’s epee event that we were treated to a spectacular BC display from our very own Howard Zhao! He started out the event seeded 3rd out of 214 athletes, due to his previous NAC results. He wasted no time in flexing his skill, going 5-0 in poules. He proceeded into the first round of direct eliminations still seeded 3rd, which gained him a BYE into 128’s. Howard breezed through his first bout with a 15-5 victory, and continued to dominate in the 64’s with a 15-7 win. In 32’s, Howard continued the winning streak with a score of 15-9. He sailed through 16’s with a 15-12 victory, guaranteeing him a top 8 medal at least. However, a mere top 8 medal wouldn’t be enough for Howard, as he made it through the round with a 15-7 win. In the semi-final, and fighting for a place in the final, Howard took the bronze medal bout into his own hands with a score of 15-9.

It was in the gold medal final that it seemed like it could have been a silver medal for our BC boy. However, with his Dynamo teammates behind him, and his coach Igor Gantsevich screaming (literally), Howard pulled out a 15-14 victory. He made a stupendous comeback within the last 20 seconds of the 3rd period, bringing the score to 14-14 with 1 second left on the clock. As the score was tied, the bout went into 1 minute of overtime, and priority to his opponent. Then came his final attack, and it was a single red light for Howard. Cheering and screaming erupted from the crowd, and coach Gantesvich ran onto the piste to congratulate his student. Congratulations Howard, Igor, and the rest of the Dynamo family. If you want to experience this excitement for yourself, click the link below and fast-forward to the Cadet men’s epee bout.

Full results: https://www.usfencingresults.org/results/2017-2018/2018.06-JUN-SN/

Howard’s Gold medal bout: https://www.facebook.com/USAFencing/videos/10156510844739948/

2018 US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 3 Recap

On the third day of competition, and well as it being Canada Day, we saw Christina Zozulya fencing again for her third and final event – Cadet Women’s epee. And boy, did she have a come back.

In the initial round of poules, Christina pulled out a result of 5 victories and only 1 loss. This fantastic start seeded her in 17th place going into the direct elimination rounds, as well as a BYE into the round of 128. Her first DE resulted in a 15-12 win for our BC girl, sending her into 64’s. In her 64’s bout she was victorious yet again, with a  15-8 win over a fencer hailing out of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the round of 32 was the end of the road, as Christina lost this bout 15-11. Due to her seeding after poules, she finished with a 22nd place result. Well done Christina!



2018 July US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 2 Recap

As BC didn’t have any fencers registered to compete on the actual second day of the NAC, we look forward to the 30th instead. For our BC athletes, this day featured Junior Men’s epee, and junior women’s foil, as well as Div 1 women’s epee.

The junior boys started their event at 8am, starting off strong in poules. With 6 wins and 0 losses for all three of our BC boys, they were seeded exceptionally well going into the direct elimination rounds. Fynn was seeded 6th, Howard 3rd, and Seraphim 2nd, which resulted in BYEs into the round of 256. Seraphim sailed through his first DE with a 15-4 win against number 255 seed. However, despite his past bout and initial seed, he lost 13-9 in the round of 128. Fynn won his first bout 15-11 to send him into 128’s, where he achieved his second victory of the day 15-7. In the round of 64, Fynn was successful yet again with a 15-10 win. It was in the round of 32 that Fynn finally met his match, with a 15-8 loss to a New York fencer. Fynn finished 17th overall. Last, but certainly not least, we look at Howard Zhao’s matches. He won his first bout 15-6 in 256’s, and proceeded to pull out another sweeping win of 15-11 in the round of 128. In 64’s he continued to show his skill with a 15-11 win, and then another closer victory in the 32’s of 15-14. Unfortunately Howard lost his top 16bout 15-12, resulting in a 9th place finish – just shy of a medal. With a field of 322 to fight through, these are some fantastic results, boys! Congratulations!

In junior women’s foil, TFA’s Sabrina Fang competed amongst 226 other girls. In her poule she had 2 wins and 4 losses, placing her as 168th seed. However, despite her rough start to the day, Sabrina pulled through the round of 256 with a 15-4 victory! Into the round of 128, Sabrina faced another New England fencer, and won the bout 15-12. It was in the 64’s that Sabrina was unable to catch her opponent, and finished the day in 64th place, with a 15-8 loss.

The final event of the day for our BC fencers was the Div 1 women’s epee event, where we would see Christina Zozulya fencing again. She started the day with only 2 victories in her poule, and 4 losses. This poule result landed her as 70th seed going into the first round of DE’s. With a field of 101 girls, the first round of DE’s started in the 128’s. Christina won her first bout with a very close score of 15-14. Into the round of 64’s, and she faced a fencer from the Gulf Coast, though was unable to get the upper hand, and lost 15-12. She finished the day with a 63rd place result.


For full results from the second day of competition for BC fencers, please visit: https://www.usfencingresults.org/results/2017-2018/2018.06-JUN-SN/



2018 US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 1 Recap

With the highly successful BC Provincial Championships under wraps only a week ago, BC fencers were already on their way to another competition – The July NAC in St. Louis, Missouri. The competition is by far one of the largest, if not the largest North American competition in the circuit as of right now, and BC raked in some amazing results over the course of the event.

The competition started on Thursday, June 28th, with Div 1 Women’s Foil, Junior Women’s Epee, Junior Men’s Sabre, and Div 1 Men’s Epee. The day began with women’s foil and epee at 8am. BC’s Sabrina Fang (TFA) fenced first in the women’s foil event, placing 92nd. In women’s epee, Christina Zozulya (DYN) was undefeated and seeded 1st after the initial round of poules. She had a BYE into 128’s, and won that first match 15-8. Unfortunately her journey ended in the next round, finishing 33rd after a 15-9 loss in the 64.

As BC didn’t have any athletes competing in the Junior men’s sabre event we fast-forward to the Div 1 Men’s epee event, which featured three BC fencers. Fynn Fafard (DYN) placed 30th overall, losing 15-8 to Ayman Fayez. He had a 15-11 win in the 128’s, and a 15-6 victory in the 64, but fell short to the 2012 Egyptian Olypian in the 32. Seraphim Jarov finished in 61st place with a 15-11 loss in the 64’s, and Howard Zhao came 82nd.

Overall not a bad start to the competition, but there was so much more to look forward to in the coming days, so stay tuned!

For full results, please visit: https://www.usfencingresults.org/results/2017-2018/2018.06-JUN-SN/

Verona, Italy 2018 – Final Canadian Update!

It’s April 9th, which means today was the last day of the 2018 Verona Cadet/Junior World Championships, so this will be the final competition update! We have followed our BC athletes throughout each of their events, but today we would like to recognize some of the highlights from all of our Canadians:

Ariane Leonard – 19th Junior Women’s Epee, 20th Cadet Women’s Epee

Fynn Fafard – 39th Junior Men’s Epee

Seraphim Jarov – 33rd Cadet Men’s Epee

Christina Zozulya, Ariane Leonard, Cindy Gao, and Shirley Guo – 13th Junior Women’s Epee team

Rachel Lamarre – 16th Junior Women’s Epee

Madison Thurgood – 24th Junior Women’s Epee

Angelo Chiara – 25th Junior Men’s Epee

Madison Thurgood, Marina Guintchitskaia, Rachel Lamarre, and Bai Xun You Lui  – 17th Junior Women’s Sabre team

Hunter Moricz, Angelo Chiara, Francois Chaucon, and Spencer Mcphedran – 11th Junior Men’s Sabre team

Jane Caulfield – 7th Junior Women’s Foil, 14th Cadet Women’s Foil

Sarah Filby – 18th Junior Women’s Foil

Tinney Mak – 16th Cadet Women’s Foil

Ying Cao – 25th Cadet Women’s Foil

Patrick Liu – 30th Cadet Men’s Foil

Ying Cao, Jane Caulfield, Sarah Filby, and Naomi Moindrot-Zilliox – 9th Junior Women’s Foil team

Patrick Liu, Blake Broszus, Daniel Gu, Alex Cai – 18th Junior Men’s Foil team

Congratulations to all of our Canadian athletes on their results at Worlds, and best of luck in all of their future endeavours!








Verona, Italy 2018 – Day 6

Today on day 6 of the Cadet/Junior World Championships our last BC athlete of the competition competed. Hunter Moricz, who previously took part in the Junior Men’s Sabre individual event on day 4, would be fencing again in Junior Men’s Sabre team.

Alongside Hunter were Francois Cauchon, Spencer Mcphedran, and Angelo Chiara. Going into the event, the Canadians were seeded 16th out of the 37 countries competing. This middle ranking granted them a BYE into the round of 32, where they faced Iraq, who also had a BYE through 64’s. Canada lead steadily throughout the match, overcoming their opponents with a 45-30 victory. In the round of 16, they were up against the #1 seeded Italian team. The bout didn’t start off well for our Canadian’s  (1-5 first bout for the Italian’s), and despite their efforts to catch the Italian’s, they lost 32-45 to the hometown athletes. However, Italy would go on to win the gold medal, defeating Russia 45-44 in the final. Hunter and the Canadian team placed 11th overall. Well done boys, and good luck in the season to come!