2017 BC Youth Provincial Championships – In Review (Day 2)

The second day of the BC Youth Provincial Championships started bright and early on Sunday morning (8:00am to be exact). With fencers warming up and volunteer referees at the ready, day 2 was in full swing with Y10 Men’s Foil, Y10 Women’s Foil, and Y12 Mixed Epee.

Y10 Men’s Foil brought together 11 boys to compete for their chance to bring home a gold medal. The bronze medals, however, were awarded to Ahmed Elbassiouny (CCFC) and Charlie Chen (DYN) after two hard fought bouts in the top 4. The gold medal match was between Adrian Wong (DYN) and Nicholas Zhang (DYN), resulting in a 10-5 win for Zhang, and a silver medal for Wong.

The Y12 Mixed Epee event ran simultaneously, and with 20 fencers competing for the title of Provincial Champion, this was the second largest event from the weekend. This event showcased fencers from a handful of different clubs from all over the province. The gold medal match was fenced between Sean Hulka (OFF) and Yao Rong (DYN), resulting in a final score of 15-10 for Rong, leaving Hulka with the silver medal. The bronze medals were well fought for and awarded to Brent Sean (OFF) and Christopher Vermeulen (OFF).

Initially listed as a mixed Y10 foil event, enough girls showed up and registered on Sunday morning to form the Y10 Women’s Foil event. So, with 8 competitors at the ready, the women’s event commenced alongside the Men’s foil event. Amy Xu (DYN) and Heather Zhang (DYN) finished their event with bronze medals, falling just short of the gold medal match. The final was fenced between teammates Alissa Pan (DYN) and Alyssa An (DYN), and with a 10-7 victory, Alyssa An took home the gold medal.

As the day continued, so did the action! Y10 Mixed Epee, Y14 Mixed Foil, and Y10 Mixed Sabre were yet to come.

Y10 Mixed Epee consisted of 6 fencers, each coming from a different club, including: Beverly Hills Fencers, Dynamo Fencing Club, Beairsto School, Vernon Fencing Club, Okanagan Freestyle Fencing, and Tri-City Fencing Academy. Blake Frost (BEA) and Liam King (VER) grasped the two bronze medals, whilst Anders Lee (DYN) and Imran Zakariyya Latif (BHFC) proceeded into the gold medal bout. The final bout resulted in a 10-7 win for Latif over Lee for the gold medal.

Y14 Mixed foil was a fantastic event to amp up the excitement, even as the competition was beginning to wrap up! With a good number of 13 fencers ready to work hard to claim the title of Provincial Champion, the second-last event began. The cacophony of coaches and cheering crowd could be heard from all corners of the venue throughout the direct eliminations. However, it all came down to the medal round, with Mitchell Hui (TFA) and Avery Townsend (RCFC) taking home the bronze medals. Moving forward to the gold medal match, we saw Lucas Sings (DYN) against Adam Wong (DYN), with a final score of 15-11 and a gold medal for Sings.

The final event of the BC Youth Provincial Championships was Y10 Mixed Sabre, and with only these last 4 fencers competing, the competition was drawing to a close. The sabre event slashed straight onwards to the top 4 direct eliminations with two fencers from Tri-City Fencing Academy, and two from Meadowridge Fencing Club. Taking the equal bronze medal place were Liam Bradley (MDR) and JiaLiang Han (MDR). Last, but certainly not least, the Y10 Mixed Sabre final: With a 10-6 victory for Alexander Serves (TFA) over teammate Jason Qin (TFA),  the last gold medal of the BC Youth Provincial Championships was awarded.

For full results from all of the weekend’s events, visit: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=36763&highlight_competitor_id=&event_id=145508