2017 BC Senior Provincial Championships – In Review (Day 2)

Day 2 of the 2017 BC Senior Provincial Championships had only three events in its schedule, but nonetheless each equally as important as day 1. The day consisted of Senior Mixed Foil, Junior Mixed Epee, and finally Veteran Mixed Foil.

Kicking off the final day of competition was Senior Mixed Foil at 8:00am. With 20 competitors ranging in experience, this was the second largest event of the weekend. It was surely a spectacle to watch, especially during the top 4 round of DEs. We saw a near comeback for Dylan French (DYN) against Caleb McIntosh (VFC) to proceed to the final, though the bout resulted in a 15-14 victory for McIntosh. The adjacent bronze medal concluded with a 15-9 win for Giorgi Gelashvili (DYN) against Haig Basmadjian (NVFC). The gold medal was awarded to Caleb McIntosh for his 15-8 victory over Giorgi Gelashvili in the final. This was a spectacular event to begin the day  with.

Next up was Junior Mixed Epee, and though it was one of the smaller events, it was equally as entertaining to watch. Christopher Dlouhy (OFF) and Natasha Kis-Toth (DYN) – the only girl in the mixed competition – both took home the bronze medals after their hard-fought top 4 bouts. Heading into the finals, we saw a well-matched bout scheduled between Michael Yao (DYN) and Junlang Zhao (DYN). The bout concluded with an 11-8 victory for Zhao over Yao.

Last, but certainly not least, Veteran Mixed Foil. This final, 6-person event consisted of multiple low-scoring, yet equally as intense bouts. Both bronze medal bouts resulted in 1-0 scores, as well as the medals being awarded to Carolyn Granholm (LA SALLE) and Dan Berke (RCFC). Finally, the last bout to wrap up the BC Senior Provincial Championships was between Gareth Mason () and Doug Powers (SAS). After three periods, this final bout ended in another 1-0 victory for Mason.

For full results of all these events, please visit: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=36773&highlight_competitor_id=&event_id=145539