Baltimore, Maryland Youth NAC

The 2018 March youth North American Cup took place from the 9th-12th in Baltimore, Maryland, and BC brought home some fantastic results.

On day 2 of the competition, Adam Wong (DYN) competed in Y-12 Men’s Foil, where he came out with a 5th place result. The day started bright and early at 8am, and Adam was already seeded in 3rd place going into his poule. He continued to strive by winning all of his poule bouts and going into the direct eliminations with a 4th place seeding. Wong’s high ranking provided him a BYE into the round of 128, where he faced James Garr (Freehold). He won this first bout handily 15-5, moving him up to the next round. His next bout was against Samuel Du (Olympia F.C.), who he defeated with another 15-5 final score. In the round of 32, Wong won his bout against Henry Liang ( 15-7. Another 15-7 bout was won by Wong in the round of 16 against Neel Dankar (Touche), and onto the top 8 it was! Unfortunately this is where Wong’s competition ended, as he lost his top 8 bout against Tei Kim (FAW) 12-15.

On the same day, another foil medal was won by Sabrina Fang (TFC). The Y-12 Women’s Foil event started at 1:30pm, and Fang was already seeded 7th. In her poule, Fang had 5 victories and only 1 loss agaisnt Mya Jassey (H3). Looking toward the first round of DE’s, Fang was seeded just below her initial ranking in 13th place. She was unable to secure a BYE through the first round, but still knocked out a 15-4 win against Elizabeth Welte (Rafa). In the round of 64, she faced Grace Gabrielle Gebala (AFM), where she defeated her opponent 15-9. Her top 32 bout was a close one against Phoebe Li (Silicon Valley FCTR). Fang won this bout by a mere 1 point, with an end result of 11-10 for our BC girl. In the round of 16, Fang was up against 4th seeded Ellen Wang (Gold F.C.), and she brought the fire back again with a 15-12 victory. Brainna Lee (Silicon Valley FCTR) was Fang’s last opponent in the Top 8, as she lost a nail-biting 15-14 bout to the American fencer. Sabrina concluded her event with a 6th place result. Congratulations to Sabrina and the whole TFC club!

Kyle Liu also had a notable top 16 finish in Y-12 Men’s Epee, where he snatched a 10th place finish. He started the day off ranked 14th among the rest of the Americans, and proved himself well by winning all of his poule bouts. Kyle came out of poules seeded 4th, which granted him a BYE through into the round of 128. He proceeded to annihilate his competition by winning his first DE 15-0 against Eliott Loiseau (E.D.L.). His second DE WAS AGAINST Armaan Chawla (Maryland F.C.) who he beat 15-8. In the round of 32, Kyle continued to make BC proud by winning a close 15-13 bout against Ankith Prasad (Alamo F.A.). Kyle’s journey ended in a very close top 16 bout against Simon Lioznyansky (Alliance F.A.), where he was defeated 15-14.

On March 11th, we had a few BC girls fencing in the Y-12 Women’s Epee event. Heidi Ding (DYN) fought well throughout the afternoon, and came out with another top 8 finish for BC. She started the eventĀ  ranked 14th, and won all of her poule bouts. Ding went into DE’s with a 7th place seeding and a BYE into the round of 64. She won her first bout 15-9 against Olivia Daniel (Fortune), moving her steadily into the round of 32. Her next bout was another 15-9 victory against fellow Canadian Emma Ning. Lauren Burn (Peoria) was Ding’s next bout, and for a third time in the competition, she pulled out another 15-9 win against the American. Ding’s final bout in the Top 8 round was against Alexandra Drovetsky (Medeo F.C.), where she was defeated 15-13. She finished the event in 7th place.

The medal of the weekend by far was GOLD in Y-10 Men’s Epee , which was won by Adrian Wong (DYN). He started the competition ranked 5th, which was the second highest seeding out of all of the Canadians. He demonstrated BC skill by winning all of his poule bouts, and advancing into the first round of DE’s seeded 7th. His hard work in poules paid off with a BYE into the round of 64. His first opponent was Jackson Marx (Fencers), who he defeated 10-8. In his top 32 bout against Joshua Oh (Precision AFC), Wong continued to shine with a 10-4 victory. Another brilliant bout was fenced between Wong and Sebastian Elwood (ACN), who Wong beat 10-3. At this point Wong had climbed the direct elimination ladder all the way into the top 8, fueled by his Dynamo Fencing family cheering him on. His top 8 bout was against Nickolas Rusadze (FAW), who our BC fencer knocked out with a 10-5 win. Into the semi-finals, and the adrenaline was building. A bronze medal was already secured for Wong, but that wouldn’t be enough for the BC fencer, so he showed no mercy as he faced Jayden Hooshi (5TFC), looking toward the gold medal match. Wong pulled through the semi with a fabulous 10-6 victory, and onto the final he went. His final opponent of the competition was Jeidus Deseranno (Renfenc), who had been ranked 4th after completing his poule, but this didn’t shake Wong. With his both his family, and his fencing family behind him for support, and his coaches at his side, Adrian Wong defeated the last fencer that stood in his way of the NAC title. The final score was 10-4 for our homegrown talent, and the gold medal would come home to BC. Congratulations to Adrian Wong on his fantastic display of BC fencing, and equal congratulations to the rest of the Dynamo Fencing Club on the result.

On March 12th, Derek Rong (DYN) competed in the Division 3 Men’s Epee event, where he brought home yet another top 8 result for BC. He was initially seeded 17th going into his poule bouts. The day started off a bit shaky for Rong, as he only won 1 of his poule bouts agaisnt Erik Marran (Manchen). Going into DE’s Rong was seeded 72nd, which didn’t set him up as well as he would have liked going forward in the competition. However, Rong seemed to regain his confidence after his first DE against Jacob Lei (NWFC), where he won 15-9. His next bout was equally as well-fought, as he finished the match with a 15-6 victory against Marc Hess (Alliance F.A.). Rong’s top 32bout was against 25th seed Ken Gauvey, who he defeated 15-11, standing him in good stead going into the round of 16. Adam Kirsch was Rong’s top 16 bout opponent, and he for a fourth time showed that it’s possible to rise to the top even when you start at the bottom. He won the bout against Kirsch 15-10, and moved into the top 8. Rong final bout of the day was fenced with Levente Szego (Capitol), and it was a close one. He fought his way from a 72nd place position, all the way to the top 8, but this final match would go to the American, who defeated out BC fencer 15-14. Rong completed the event in 8th place.


The competition was a great success for all of our BC fencers, with multiple medals, top 8 and 16 finishes, and prime sportsmanship. Congratulations again to all the medalists and their corresponding clubs, and we can’t wait to see what the future has yet to offer for our BC youth fencing programs. Go BC!