2018 July US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 2 Recap

As BC didn’t have any fencers registered to compete on the actual second day of the NAC, we look forward to the 30th instead. For our BC athletes, this day featured Junior Men’s epee, and junior women’s foil, as well as Div 1 women’s epee.

The junior boys started their event at 8am, starting off strong in poules. With 6 wins and 0 losses for all three of our BC boys, they were seeded exceptionally well going into the direct elimination rounds. Fynn was seeded 6th, Howard 3rd, and Seraphim 2nd, which resulted in BYEs into the round of 256. Seraphim sailed through his first DE with a 15-4 win against number 255 seed. However, despite his past bout and initial seed, he lost 13-9 in the round of 128. Fynn won his first bout 15-11 to send him into 128’s, where he achieved his second victory of the day 15-7. In the round of 64, Fynn was successful yet again with a 15-10 win. It was in the round of 32 that Fynn finally met his match, with a 15-8 loss to a New York fencer. Fynn finished 17th overall. Last, but certainly not least, we look at Howard Zhao’s matches. He won his first bout 15-6 in 256’s, and proceeded to pull out another sweeping win of 15-11 in the round of 128. In 64’s he continued to show his skill with a 15-11 win, and then another closer victory in the 32’s of 15-14. Unfortunately Howard lost his top 16bout 15-12, resulting in a 9th place finish – just shy of a medal. With a field of 322 to fight through, these are some fantastic results, boys! Congratulations!

In junior women’s foil, TFA’s Sabrina Fang competed amongst 226 other girls. In her poule she had 2 wins and 4 losses, placing her as 168th seed. However, despite her rough start to the day, Sabrina pulled through the round of 256 with a 15-4 victory! Into the round of 128, Sabrina faced another New England fencer, and won the bout 15-12. It was in the 64’s that Sabrina was unable to catch her opponent, and finished the day in 64th place, with a 15-8 loss.

The final event of the day for our BC fencers was the Div 1 women’s epee event, where we would see Christina Zozulya fencing again. She started the day with only 2 victories in her poule, and 4 losses. This poule result landed her as 70th seed going into the first round of DE’s. With a field of 101 girls, the first round of DE’s started in the 128’s. Christina won her first bout with a very close score of 15-14. Into the round of 64’s, and she faced a fencer from the Gulf Coast, though was unable to get the upper hand, and lost 15-12. She finished the day with a 63rd place result.


For full results from the second day of competition for BC fencers, please visit: https://www.usfencingresults.org/results/2017-2018/2018.06-JUN-SN/