2018 US Summer Nationals (July NAC) – Day 4 Recap

Monday, July 2nd (Day 4 of BC competition), we watched Cadet women’s foil and Cadet men’s epee.

In Cadet women’s foil, Sabrina Fang would fence one last time for the weekend. She started the day strong with 5 victories and 1 loss in her poule, grasping a 25th place initial seeding, and a BYE into the round of 128. She won her first DE with an impressive 15-6 victory. In 64’s, Sabrina proved herself yet again with a 15-5 victory over a Central Californian fencer. However, it was in the 32’s that the tables turned and Sabrina lost a 15-7 match. In the end she finished with a 26th place result. Congratulations Sabrina!

It was in the Cadet men’s epee event that we were treated to a spectacular BC display from our very own Howard Zhao! He started out the event seeded 3rd out of 214 athletes, due to his previous NAC results. He wasted no time in flexing his skill, going 5-0 in poules. He proceeded into the first round of direct eliminations still seeded 3rd, which gained him a BYE into 128’s. Howard breezed through his first bout with a 15-5 victory, and continued to dominate in the 64’s with a 15-7 win. In 32’s, Howard continued the winning streak with a score of 15-9. He sailed through 16’s with a 15-12 victory, guaranteeing him a top 8 medal at least. However, a mere top 8 medal wouldn’t be enough for Howard, as he made it through the round with a 15-7 win. In the semi-final, and fighting for a place in the final, Howard took the bronze medal bout into his own hands with a score of 15-9.

It was in the gold medal final that it seemed like it could have been a silver medal for our BC boy. However, with his Dynamo teammates behind him, and his coach Igor Gantsevich screaming (literally), Howard pulled out a 15-14 victory. He made a stupendous comeback within the last 20 seconds of the 3rd period, bringing the score to 14-14 with 1 second left on the clock. As the score was tied, the bout went into 1 minute of overtime, and priority to his opponent. Then came his final attack, and it was a single red light for Howard. Cheering and screaming erupted from the crowd, and coach Gantesvich ran onto the piste to congratulate his student. Congratulations Howard, Igor, and the rest of the Dynamo family. If you want to experience this excitement for yourself, click the link below and fast-forward to the Cadet men’s epee bout.

Full results: https://www.usfencingresults.org/results/2017-2018/2018.06-JUN-SN/

Howard’s Gold medal bout:¬†https://www.facebook.com/USAFencing/videos/10156510844739948/