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Juniors bring home Gold and Two Silvers at 2020 Pan Ams!

Following the Cadet events, the Junior competition ran from February 25th-28th with both individual and team events.

Day 3

The first day of the Junior events say Fynn Fafard and Seraphim Jarov competing in the Men’s epee category, fresh out of the Vancouver World Cup. Both boys started out strong in their poules, with Seraphim going undefeated 6-0 and Fynn 5-1, losing only a close 5-4 bout to Justin Haddad (USA). With a 2nd place seed for Seraphim and 7th place for Fynn, both were granted BYEs through to the round of 32. Seraphim faced Luis Steffano Brilla Araya (CRC) winning in a prompt 15-5 bout, while Fynn was against Pedro Petrich (BRA) with a victory of 15-6. In top 16, Seraphim faced off with Jorge Valderrama (CHI), and unfortunately losing the close bout 15-14. Fynn moved forward into the round of 8 after a 15-9 victory against Lucio Perez Ondartz (ARG). However, in top 8 he also versed Valderrama and despite being a lead throughout the bout, he ended up losing 15-13. Seraphim finished 9th and Fynn 6th.

Day 4

On the second day of Junior events, Christina Zozulya competed in women’s epee and Adam Wong in Men’s foil.

Christina started the day going 3-2 in poules, and gaining a BYE into 32s. Her first DE was against Claudia Aguilar (MEX), winning the close bout 15-14. In the round of 16 she faced Michaela Joyce, but was defeated 15-9. She finished in 15th place overall.

Adam went 3-3 in his poule, seeding 23rd and having a BYE going into DEs. In the round of 32 he faced Kevin Lima (BRA), but lost an unfortunate 15-4 bout. Adam placed 24th overall.

Day 5

Fynn and Seraphim competed again in Team Men’s Epee, seeding 2nd and having a BYE into the round of 8. Their first opponents were Team Colombia, and with a steady lead throughout the 9 periods, the Canadian team won 45-19. In the semi-final, they faced Team Brazil, and with another comfortable lead they beat the Brazilian team 45-35. The gold medal bout was close through the first five periods, though the Canadians were at least a point or two in the lead. They were able to grow their lead gradually in second half of the bout before defeating the Americans 45-35 to win the gold medal!

Victor Gantsevich (Coach), Manuel Belmonte (Team Manager), Team Canada: Ted Vinnitchouk, Fynn Fafard, Seraphim Jarov and Nathan Brunet – Gold Medalists.

Day 6

The last day of competition featured Christina Zozulya in Team Women’s epee and Adam Wong in Team Men’s foil.

The women’s team faced off with Costa Rica in their first DE, with a landslide victory of 45-12. Their next bout against Chile remained close, even seeing the Canadians slip a point or two behind at times. However, in the 5th period they pulled ahead and shifted the bout in their favour, ending with a 45-35 victory. In the gold medal bout they were against Team USA,  but unfortunately lost the match 45-23, taking home the silver medal!

Canadian Women’s Epee- Silver Medalists. Photo by Esgrima El Salvador Centroamérica.

In the team men’s foil event, Canada was up against Colombia in their first DE. The team had a strong start with a 45-19 win over the Colombians. In semi-finals they faced Chile, and it was a close bout the whole way through. The lead went back and forth between the two teams straight to the end where Simon Poon anchored the Canadians to a 45-43 win. The gold medal bout against the US was a close one. Going into the 7th period, Adam Wong was subbed in for Niklas Holland, bringing the team to 35-34 over the Americans. Unfortunately, in the last period the US team managed to make a break for the lead, winning 45-39 over Canada.

Canadian Men’s Foil – Silver Medalists. Photo by Esgrima El Salvador Centroamérica.


Well done to all of our Junior athletes who competed last week!

BC Cadet fencers medal at 2020 Pan American Championships

The 2020 Cadet/Junior Pan American Championships took place from February 23rd-28th in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Day 1

The Sunday saw Eli Lippman and Zakhar Vozovik in Cadet men’s epee, and Jack Pan and Jerry Pan in Cadet men’s sabre.

Lippman started off with 4 wins and 2 losses in his poule, seeding him 10th going into DEs. Vozovik was 5-1 in his poule, his only loss being 4-5. Going into the direct elimination rounds, he was seeded 4th. Vozovik was granted a BYE into the round of 16, while Lippman faced off against Emmanuel Bernal (PAR). In a swift 15-3 bout, Lippman advanced into top 16 with his BC teammate. Vozovik was victorious in his first DE of the day, winning 15-8 against Saul Moris Villacorta Portillo (ESA). Lippman defeated Andrew Graber (USA) 15-9 to make top 8, where he would have another 15-9 win against Dennis Russanov (USA). Vozovik had a 15-12 win over Nicolas Candela (USA) in his top 8 bout, to advance him into the medal rounds alongside his teammate. The semi-final would show to be a tough fight for both Canadians, where Lippman would lose a close 15-14 bout against Daniel Ojeda Buitrago (CRC), and Vozovik would lose 15-11 to Arturo Rangel (MEX). Two bronze medals for BC in the first event of the day!

Zakhar Vozovik and Eli Lippman – Bronze medalists. Photo by Esgrima El Salvador Centroamérica.

Next up were Jack and Jerry Pan in Cadet men’s sabre. Jerry went 5-1 in his poule, seeding him in a tied 1st place going into the direct eliminations. Jack went 4-1 in his poule, seeding close behind his brother in 7th place. Both boys would earn a BYE into the round of 16. Jerry then defeated Jose Miguel Arroyo Rivera (PUR) 15-7, while Jack won his bout against Ricardo Lopez 15-10. However, it was in the round of 8 that the boys would have to face off against each other. The win would go to Jack 15-11 to make it into the semi-finals. Jack would go on to lose his top 4 bout against Colby Harley (USA) 15-7, while his brother would finish 5th overall. With three BRONZE medals and a top 8 finish on day 1 of the competition, our BC fencers were off to a good start.

Jack Pan – Bronze medalist. Photo by Esgrima El Salvador Centroamérica.

Day 2 

The second day of competition was Janet Chen in Cadet women’s epee and Adam Wong in Cadet men’s foil.

Women’s epee was the first event of the day, and Janet had a strong start going 6-0 in her poule. With an indicator of +19, she was a clear front-runner going into DEs. Earning a BYE into 16s, her first bout was against Daniela Gonzalez (MEX), who she defeated 15-10. In top 8, she had to verse her team Canada teammate, Heidi Zhu. Janet would end up losing 15-9 to finish with a 5th place result.

In men’s foil, Adam Wong began with a 5-1 poule and an indicator of +11. This would give him a 4th place seed and a BYE into the round of 16. In his first DE, he won a 15-8 bout against Colton Anderson. Unfortunately, Adam would lose his top 8 bout 15-9 against Lorenzo Mion (BRA) to finish with a 6th place result!

Well done to all of our BC cadet fencers on Pan Ams Championships!

BC Men’s Epeeists compete at the 2020 World Cup!

This past weekend (February 7th-9th), six BC men’s epeeists competed at the Peter Bakonyi World Cup. The event was hosted at the Richmond Olympic Oval, where some of the 2010 Winter Olympics events were held 10 years ago!

Seraphim Jarov wasn’t only the highest ranking BC fencer, but also the highest ranking Canadian at the end of the competition. In poules he went 2-4, beating Mateusz Antiewicz (POL) 5-3 and Rok Sobocan (SLO) 4-0. With a 124th place seeding and a BYE into 128s, he was against Rubes Martin (CZE) first. He won the bout 15-12 to move into the 64s. In a close bout, he fenced Jose Felix Dominguez (ARG) and won 11-10. With day 1 of the day finished, Jarov would advance into the top 64 on day 2 – facing world no.4 Kazuyasu Minobe (JPN). Another close bout, but this time his opponent would take the win, with a score of 12-11 for Minobe. Jarov finished the event with a 62nd place result.

(Seraphim Jarov. Photo by Devin Manky)

Fynn Fafard started off the preliminary rounds with 2 wins and 4 losses, defeating Yeisser Ramirez (USA) 5-3, and Michael Geraghty (IRL) 5-2. He was seeded 135th after poules, which landed him a BYE into the round of 128. He faced Peeter Turnau (EST) in his first DE, and despite hanging onto a substantial lead for a majority of the bout, an arm injury hindered the bout. Turnau caught up and they went to the overtime minute. In a tense close-quarters fight, the Estonian took the 15th point and won the bout 15-13. Fafard finished the event with a 154th place result.

(Fynn Fafard and Peeter Turnau (EST). Photo by Devin Manky)

Dylan French also went 2-4 in his poule, with wins over Yuval Shalom Freilich (ISR) 5-1 and Hoi Sun Fong (HKG) 3-2. He was 147th going into DEs, just narrowly missing the cut. In his first DE, he faced Anatolii Herey (UKR); 4-time Gold, 2-time silver Satellite medalist, as well as bronze medalist at Grand Prix and World Cups. Their bout was a close 15-14, but Herey took the win in the end. French finished in 163rd place.

(Dylan French and Anatolii Herey (UKR). Photo by Devin Manky)

Zakhar Vozovik, Eli Lippman and Mateo Kadyszewski all fought hard in their poule matches, but unfortunately didn’t advance through to the direct elimination rounds. Vozovik went 1-5 in his poule, defeating Hongjie Song (CHN) 5-4. Lippman also went 1-5 in his poule, with a victory against Abdelkarim El Haouari (MAR) 5-3. Kadyszewski went 0-6 in his poule.

(Zakhar Vozovik. Photo by Devin Manky)

Dylan French and Seraphim Jarov both competed in the team event, alongside Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger and Maxime Brinck-Croteau. The team faced Korea in their first DE. At the beginning of the 5th leg, the Canadians were leading 12-11, but by the end of the period the Koreans were up 19-16. Their momentum didn’t halt, as their finished the bout with a score of 44-29. The Korean team (Sung Ho An, Jaeseon Kwon, Sangyoung Park and Jae Ho Song) would go on to win the Gold medal!

(Team Canada: Maxime Brink-Croteau, Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger, Seraphim Jarov, Dylan French and coach Victor Gantsevich. Photo by Devin Manky)

Congratulations to Seraphim Jarov for his top 64 results and to all of our BC fencers for their hard work this weekend. Well done to all of the boys that competed at the World Cup for the first time this year. Looking forward to some good results as the Pan Ams and World Championships draw closer!

BC Qualifies 9 Potential Athletes to Cadet/Junior Pan Am Championships!

BC has qualified 6 Cadet and 3 Junior athletes to the Pan American Championships in El Salvador next month (February 2020). This past weekend’s Canada Cup in Gatineau, Quebec was the final Cadet qualifying competition before the Championships. 


Janet Chen (Dynamo) is currently ranked 2nd in Cadet Women’s epee. With a gold medal in Cadet women’s epee and additional 17th place finish in Junior, she gained 56.25 points to secure her 2nd place national ranking. 

BC has qualified two Cadet Men’s epeeists for the event – Zakhar Vozovik (Dynamo) and Eli Lippman (Dynamo). Vozovik is currently ranked 1st in the country, while Lippman is in 3rd position. At the Canada Cup, Vozovik had great success in Cadet with a gold medal, and a 6th place result in Junior as well – adding another 75.25 points to his national total. 

Lippman finished 10th in Cadet and 28th in Junior, but only the Junior points will go towards his national point total. Due to his 10th place result being his lowest of the season, his 6th place finish from Canada Cup 1 will be used towards his points instead.

Adam Wong (Dynamo) is currently ranked 2nd in the country, with his 5th place Cadet and 11th place Junior results this past weekend. His previous silver and bronze medals in Cadet at Nationals and Canada Cup 1 mean that this 5th place result won’t count toward national points. However, his Junior results did gain him another 18.75 points. In addition to this 

(Adam Wong – Silver medal in Senior Men’s foil – Gatineau, Quebec. Photo by Thierry Boyer)

Twin brothers, Jack and Jerry Pan (Dynamo) will be representing Canada in Cadet Men’s sabre. Jack finished with a silver medal in Cadet and came 11th in Junior, puts him comfortably in 2nd ranking by adding 43.75 points. Jerry brought home a gold medal in Cadet and a 12th place result in Junior, securing his 4th place national ranking and putting him only 10 points behind Xavier Guay Tardif of Quebec. 


Although there are two more potential Junior World Cups between now and Pan American Championships, BC currently has three Junior epeeists qualified for the competition. 

Christina Zozulya (Dynamo) is currently ranked 3rd in the country, with 383.75 national ranking points. This past weekend, she came home with a gold medal in Junior and a 12th place Senior result. 


(Christina Zozulya – Gold medal in Junior – Gatineau, Quebec. Photo by Thierry Boyer)

In Junior Men’s epee, Seraphim Jarov (Dynamo) is ranked 1st, having pre-qualified for the Junior National Team. In 2019, he competed at the Senior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary which means that he didn’t have to compete in Gatineau.

Fynn Fafard is currently ranked 2nd in Canada. This past weekend, he finished 5th in Junior and 25th in Senior, and although they weren’t his top results of the season his previous results made up for it. He finished with a silver medal at the last Canada Cup, came 21st at the Heraklion World Cup and 40th at the Riga World Cup this season.

Congratulations to the Cadet National Team qualifiers, and good luck our Junior athletes going forward in their next competitions!

Senior Women’s Epee World Cup – Tallinn, Estonia (2019)

The senior women’s epee World Cup in Tallinn, Estonia took place over the November 1st-3rd weekend. BC’s Kay Sze and Emma von Dadelszen competed alongside 5 other team Canada fencers. With 279 competitors all together, the field was vast and difficult.

Kay started off the first day with 2 wins and 4 losses in poules. With victories over Yume Kuroki (JPN) and Karolina Jankova (CZE). Emma went 3-3 in her poule, with wins over Francesca Boscarelli (ITA), Laura Poysti (ISR) and Maria Martinez (MEX). Both advanced into the DEs, Kay was seeded 164th and was Emma 132nd.

Emma’s first bout was against Malika Khakimova (UZB), but ended up losing 15-10. Kay faced Nicole Feigin (ISR) in her first DE, but lost 15-7. A the end of the day, Emma finished with a result of 171st and Kay 187th.

Emma also fenced in the team event alongside Leo Mackinnon, Alexanne Verret and Ariane Leonard. The team faced Brazil in their first bout, winning 45-31 to make it into the top 16. Their second bout was against China (2nd seeded),  but lost a close bout of 42-45. The team finished in 16th place overall.

Team Canada individual results:

Leo Mackinnon – 6th

Ariane Leonard – 89th

Shirely Guo – 108th

Alexanne Verret – 110th

Emma von Dadelszen – 171st

Malinka Hoppe Montanaro – 181st

Kay Sze – 187th

Senior Satellite Tournament – San Jose, Costa Rica 2019

The San Jose, Costa Rica satellite tournament took place over the October 19th-20th weekend. Both Senior men’s epee and women’s epee events were held.

The competition started off with women’s epee, with a total of 10 Canadian athletes – including Kay Sze, Christina Zozulya and Emma von Dadelszen (former BC athlete, now living in the UK and studying in the US). After poules, Kay was seeded 4th, Emma 5th and Christina 11th. All three of the girls had BYEs into the 16. Emma won her first bout 15-14 against Andrea Campos Esquivel (CRC), Kay won her’s 15-13 against Elisabeta Havkin (CAN), and Christina lost her’s 9-15 to her Canadian teammate Alexanne Verret. Kay and Emma fenced in the round of 8, where Kay won with a score of 15-9. It was in the semi-final where Kay lost to Sheila Liliano Tejeda (MEX) 15-10, and came out with the bronze medal!

Men’s epee was up next on day 2 of the competition, with five Canadian athletes in the mix. BC’s Dylan French started off the day with a 4th place seed after the initial poule round, which landed him a BYE through the first round of DEs. In the 16, Dylan came up against Canadian teammate Jason Harel, and was victorious with a 15-8. In the quarterfinal, he won a close bout of 15-13 over Eduardo Garcia (PER) to advance into the medal rounds. The semi-final was another Canadian affair, where he fenced Samuel Gallagher Pelletier and won 15-12. In the final, Dylan came up against another Canadian teammate, Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger, and although the bout was close, Dylan had his final victory of the day with a score of 14-13. A gold medal for Dylan French!

Congratulations Kay and Dylan on your medals!

Full results:


2019 October NAC – Kansas City, Missouri

The first NAC of the Canadian Team qualifying season took place from October 18th-20th. With events ranging from Cadet to Div 1 across all three weapons, there were plenty of opportunity for our BC fencers to compete.


Dylan Gibson – Silver (Div 2 men’s epee)

Jack Pan – 5th (Div 2 men’s sabre)

Avery Townsend -6th (Cadet men’s epee)

Zakhar Vozovik – 8th (Cadet men’s epee)

Top 32:

Derek Rong – 10th (Cadet men’s epee)

Sabrina Fang – 18th (Div 1 women’s foil), 23rd (Cadet women’s foil)

Kyle Liu – 25th (Cadet men’s epee)

Eli Lippman – 27th (Cadet men’s epee)


Full Results:

Congratulations to all of our BC athletes who competed at the NAC!





Upcoming Competitions 2019/2020

TFA 2019/2020 Cadet/Junior Circuit #1 – October 20th (Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows)

Okanagan Fall Championships – October 25th-27th (Winfield Memorial Hall, Lake Country)

Pre-Xmas Epee Clash – December 7th-8th (Beairsto Elementary School, Vernon)

TFA 2019/2020 Cadet/Junior Circuit #2 – December 15th (Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows)

TFA 2019/2020 Cadet/Junior Circuit #3 – February 9th (Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows)

TFA 2019/2020 Cadet/Junior Circuit #4 – April 5th (Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows)

Jeux de Pomme – May 2nd-3rd (Beairsto Elementary School, Vernon)

TFA 2019/2020 Cadet/Junior Circuit Final – May 31st (Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows)


*More competitions will added once on AskFred or if contacted by email



Canada Cup 1 – Richmond, BC

The first Canada Cup of the 2019/2020 season took place from September 27th-29th. It was a great showing for BC fencers, with 10 Gold medals, 12 Silver medals, 15 Bronze medals and numerous top-8 results over the three days of competition. A full list of the medal standings is listed below. Congratulations again to everyone who competed this past weekend – the BCFA is looking forward to a great season ahead!

Day 1: 

U-15 Men’s Foil:
Nicholas Zhang – Gold
Adrian Wong – Bronze

Senior Men’s Sabre:
Giorgio Gradassi – Silver
Jack Pan – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Epee:
Derek Rong – Gold
Avery Townsend – Bronze

U-23 Men’s Epee:
Riley Norman – Silver
Nicholas Pengelley – Bronze

Veteran Mixed Epee:
Bela Suveg – Gold
Joseph Powell – Silver

Junior Women’s Epee:
Christina Zozulya – Silver

U-15 Men’s Sabre:
Duncan Yang – Silver
Koan Nyantee-Zeiger – Bronze

Day 2:

Junior Men’s Sabre:
Giorgi Gradassi – Bronze
Jack Pan – Bronze

Cadet Women’s Epee:
Heidi Zhu – Gold
Angelica Sun – Silver
Janet Chen – Bronze

U-15 Men’s Epee:
Nicholas Zhang – Gold

Senior Men’s Epee:
Howard Zhao – Gold
Dylan French – Bronze

U-23 Women’s Sabre
Wing Ka Ariana Tang – Silver

Veteran Mixed Sabre:
Julian Tang – Silver

Veteran Women’s Foil
Grace Born – Silver

Day 3: 

Junior Men’s Epee:
Howard Zhao – Gold
Fynn Fafard – Silver
Avery Townsend – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Foil:
Adam Wong – Bronze
Nicholas Zhang – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Sabre:
Jack Pan – Gold

U-15 Women’s Epee:
Linda Li – Gold
Angelica Sun – Silver

Senior Women’s Epee:
Heidi Zhu – Bronze
Christina Zozulya – Bronze

U-15 Women’s Sabre:
Florella Peng – Bronze

U-23 Men’s Sabre:
Thomas Greenwood – Gold
Marshal Guo – Silver

Full Results:

BC Youth Provincials (Day 1)

The 2019 Youth Provincials kicked off with Y14 Mixed Sabre, Y14 Men’s and Women’s Epee, Y12 Mixed Foil, and Y12 Mixed Sabre.

In Y14 Mixed Sabre, Jerry Pan (DYN) was seeded first after poules, with his brother Jack Pan (DYN) seeded just behind him in second. Duncan Yang (DYN) went 5-1 in his poule to be placed in 3rd seed, while Alexander Serves (TFA) went 4-1 for the 4th seed. Jack, Jerry and Duncan all obtained BYE’s going into DE’s, which put them straight into the top 8. Alexander fenced Jay Heesoo Park (ANT) for his first bout, where he won 15-6. In the round of 8, Alexander lost a close 15-14 match to fifth seed David Sea (DYN). Semi -finals saw Jerry Pan against David Sea and Jack Pan against Duncan Yang. Jerry moved into the finals bout with a 15-2 win against David, and Jerry advanced with a 15-7 win over Duncan Yang – this meant that the Pan brother’s would fence for the gold medal. In the final bout of Y14 Mixed Sabre, Jack Pan was victorious with a 15-8 win.

Y14 Mixed Epee was split into separate men’s and women’s events, with 18 competitors in men’s and 6 in women’s. In the Men’s event, Christopher Vermeulen (OFF) and Avery Townsend (DYN) showed to be top competitors from the beginning, with Vermeulen ranked 1st after poules and Townsend 2nd. Edric Shi and Adam Wong followed closely behind as third and fourth seeds. All of the top 4 seeds gained BYEs into the round of 16 and were victorious through to the top 4. In the Semi-finals, Vermeulen faced off against Wong and won 15-8, while Townsend won 15-11 in his bout with Shi. In the final, Townsend defeated Vermeulen 15-9 to take home the gold medal.

After the mixed event was split, there were only 6 girls in the Y14 women’s epee event. Carol Xing (DYN) and Linda Bing Qi Li (DYN) were both awarded BYEs through the first round of DEs and straight into the semi-finals. Xing faced off against Elise Ma (DYN), where she won 15-12 to move into the finals. Li versed Abigail Hulka (OFF), winning 15-8. Xing continued to be undefeated with a 15-8 win against Li in the final, and winning the gold medal.

Y12 Mixed Foil started at 2pm, which was the largest event of the competition with 29 fencers in total. Nicholas Zhang (DYN) was seeded first after poules, and after a BYE through the first round of DEs, he won his top 8 bout 15-1. The semi-final saw Nicholas Zhang (DYN) against Michael Kryltsov (RainCityFC), where Zhang won another bout 15-3. The second semi-final was between Jason Yu( (DYN) and Jia Bao Xu (DYN), where Xu was victorious 15-3. The gold medal bout was between the first and second seed, but Zhang ended up beating Kryltsov 15-4 for the title of Provincial Champion.

The final event of day 1 was Y12 Mixed Sabre at 3:15pm. Hanyang Sun (DYN) was seeded first and Alexander Serves (TFA) second after poules. Daniel Y Kim (ANT) was third and Jasmine Zhou (TFA) fourth. All four of the top seeded athletes made it into the semi-finals – Sun vs. Zhou and Serves vs. Kim. Sun defeated Zhou 15-8, while Serves also obtained a 15-8 win against Kim in their semi-final bout. The final was another score of 15-8, with Serves as the champion over Sun.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Provincial Champions, medalists and all the competitors from day 1 of Youth Provincials.

Full Results: