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BC Athletes Junior Worlds Results

The Junior World Championships came to a close yesterday in Bourges, France. The results of our BC athletes are listed below:

Hunter Moricz – 102nd junior men’s sabre, 12th in junior men’s sabre team, 13th in cadet mixed team

Dylan French – 45th junior men’s epee and 19th in junior men’s epee team

Matson Lalor – 166th junior men’s epee and 19th in junior men’s epee team

Emma von Dadelszen – 66th junior women’s epee and 17th in junior women’s epee team

Congratulations to all!

BC Athletes Cadet Worlds Results

The cadet individual events have wrapped up in Bourges, France at the world championships. The cadet team event is still to come with BC’s Hunter Moricz participating for Canada.

Hunter Moricz – 40th cadet men’s sabre

Fynn Fafard – 53rd cadet men’s epee

Natasha Kis-Toth – 86th cadet women’s epee

Elizabeth Douglas – 93rd cadet women’s epee

Congratulations athletes and coaches! The junior events start April 5!


BC Athletes Named to Wold Championship Team


The Cadet/Junior World championships will take place in Bourges, France from April 1-10. A total of 7 BC fencers have been named to the team!

Natasha Kis-Toth (cadet women’s epee)

Elizabeth Douglas (cadet women’s epee)

Fynn Fafard (cadet men’s epee)

Hunter Moricz (cadet and junior men’s sabre)

Emma von Dadelszen (junior women’s epee)

Dylan French (junior men’s epee)

Matson Lalor (junior men’s epee)

BC will have two coaches in Francs – Victor Gantsevich and Zbig Pietrusinski. Good luck to all the athletes and coaches! And also to our BC photographer Devin Manky who will be there shooting the action!

Full list of the Canadian team can be found Here

BC Athletes win More Medals in Cancun

The Junior women’s epee team has won gold in Cancun beating a strong US team in overtime. BC athlete Emma von Dadelszen was a part of the gold medal team, congratulations!

Dylan French and Matson Lalor also helped Canada claim yet anothe medal at junior pan am championships. The men’s epee team won bronze in Cancun!

Individual cadet men’s sabre pan am champion, Hunter Moricz, claimed his second and third medals of the event winning silver with both the cadet mixed team and the junior men’s sabre team.

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches!


The BC epee cadets in Europe! Six BC athletes traveled to Bratislava to compete at a European Cadet Circuit. The event was the last tournament prior to the selection for the cadet pan am championship team!

Final results:

Seraphim Jarov – 100th

Fynn Fafard – 144th

Riley Norman – 237th

Natasha Kis-Toth – 27th

Monika Rogowicz – 58th

Elizabeth Douglas – 148th

Jessica Rumble – 200th

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.29.58 AM