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BCFA Return to Sport (COVID-19) Update: July 2021

Via Sport BC has upadated their Return to Sport restrictions concerning Covid-19. Changes to the existing restart plan include:

  • Gathering limits implimented for “seated events” – i.e. events where spectators spend longer periods of time close to one another.
  • Clubs are no longer required to have a communicable disease response plan – however, it is recommened that they develop one for future disease prevention.

You can find the full updated Return to Sport chart from Via Sport here!

BCFA Return to sport (COVID-19)update: June 2021

While we as a community continue to navigate through the uncertainty of Covid-19, the BCFA would like to share Via Sport’s current “Return to Sport” plan going forward. It is important to note that this information could change as we progress through this time, but please take a look at the information linked below to learn more about the most recent regulations facing fencing and other indoor sports in B.C.

Via Sport:

CFF joins with Respect Group Inc.

The CFF has joined forces with Respect Group Inc. in order to ensure that the fencing community is free of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. The CFF has stated that all activity leaders, volunteers and staff will be required to take part in training programs.

Anyone who holds a CFF license will be eligible to take part in training, which will be taking over the next year. For more information about the organization or how to become Respect Certified, click the links below.


CFF Respect:

Respect Group Inc.:



Flex that Fencing Brain!

We all experience motivational dips during the competition season; training nearly every day for hours on end may take its toll on some of us. At times your confidence may falter due to the blank slate that is the unknown future (i.e. point standings to qualify for national team, results at your next big competition, etc.), so how do we counteract these thoughts? I suggest getting your hands on the autobiography “Running With Swords” by Canada’s very own Sherraine Schalm. She has four Olympic games behind her, as well as multiple Pan American Games and World Championship medals to her name. Sherraine’s book is a fantastic display of true dedication, and the potential of what may come if you keep putting in the work to achieve your goals. A little bit of Canadian fencing history to get the season going!

Another fantastic read for those just dipping their toes into the fencing world, “How to Fence Epee” translated from French by our very own BC coach, Brendan Robertson from Okanagan Freestyle Fencing! Check out the link below for more information regarding this brilliant introduction into the technical world of our sport.

“How to Fence Epee”:

Sherraine Schalm’s Wikipedia page:



The 2017 BCFA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Sunday, September 10th from 12pm-2pm at the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Conference will be open to all  members of the BCFA community who would like to be involved in the future of the BCFA, and the changes made within it. Topics including; the strategic plan, financial plan, potential future member positions, etc. will be discussed and voted on during this time. If you would like to see certain changes within our community, or have any suggestions regarding the future of the association, please attend this meeting and have your voice heard. Additionally, head on over to our Facebook page to let us know if you are thinking of attending- LINK BELOW!

BCFA Facebook:

BC Athletes Named to Cadet/Junior Pan Am Championship Team

Congratulations to all the BC athletes who have qualified to represent Canada at the cadet/junior pan am championships this February in Cancun Mexico!

Natasha Kis-Toth (cadet women’s epee)

Elizabeth Douglas (cadet women’s epee)

Monika Rogowicz (cadet women’s epee)

Emily Ma (cadet women’s sabre)

Fynn Fafard (cadet men’s epee)

Seraphim Jarov (cadet men’s epee)

Hunter Moricz (cadet and junior men’s sabre)

Emma von Dadelszen (junior women’s epee)

Dylan French (junior men’s epee)

Matson Lalor (junior men’s epee)

The full team can be found here via the Canadian Fencing Federation: