Upcoming Competitions – Spring 2018

In the midst of excitement of the Cadet/Junior World Championships, we’re all feeling those competition cravings set in. So, as the seasons change, let’s get out there and get involved in some great local BC competitions!


  • Meadowridge Open 2018 – April 14th-15th – Meadowridge School: Maple Ridge, BC


  • Dynamo Youth Open Grande Finale (#5) Y8-Y14 – May 6th – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC
  • Jeux De Pomme 2018 – May 12th-13th – Beairsto Elementary School: Vernon, BC
  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit Final – May 27th – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gymnasium: Coquitlam, BC

Competitions in Canada

  • 53rd Governor General’s Tournament – April 14th-15th – RA Centre: Ottawa, ON
  • Provincial Championships 2018 (Alberta) – April 14th-15th – Edmonton Garrison Military Fitness Centre: Sturgeon County, AB
  • 2018 Vango Tigers Cup – May 5th-6th – Vango Toronto Fencing Centre: Markham, ON
  • Can/Am Veterans Cup 2018 – May 26th-27th – Vango Toronto Fencing Centre: Markham, ON


For further information, please visit AskFred.net: https://askfred.net/Events/future.php?




Verona, Italy 2018 – Day 2

Day 2 of the competition, and another day of fencing for two of our epee fencers – Christina Zozulya and Seraphim Jarov/ Despite qualifying for the the junior event, both of the young athletes are still cadets, and would be competing in the category on the second day.

Christina was ranked 48th before the Cadet Women’s Epee event, with her previous bronze medal at the Bratislava Euro Circuit standing her in good stead. In her pool she went 4-2, losing only two bouts 3-5 and 2-5. After finishing 3rd in her pool, Christina was seeded 34th going into the first round of direct eliminations. Her first bout was against Emilie Gabutti (SUI), who she knocked out with a 15-9 victory. Into the round of 64 and Christina would face Alessia Pizzini (ITA), but would unfortunately lose a heartbreaking 15-14 match against the Italian. She finished the day in 44th place, but would have one final; shot at a World Championship title on the third day of the competition in Junior Women’s Epee Team. Good job in both of your individual events, Christina!

Next up was Seraphim Jarov in Cadet Men’s Epee individual. The event started just after 10 am on Monday, and Seraphim was seeded very well in 9th. Seraphim annihilated in pooles, coming out with a 6-0 victory sweep. With his fantastic display in the preliminary round, he was seeded 1st out of 114 athletes going into direct eliminations. He was unsurprisingly handed a BYE into the round of 64, and would face Khasan Boudunov (KGZ) in his first bout. However, his opponent got the better of his confidence and defeated the BC fencer 11-12. Seraphim concluded his last individual event in 33rd place. Well done, and good luck in team.

Both Christina and Seraphim, as well and Fynn Fafard will be fencing in the Junior Epee team events on day 3 of the competition. Good luck and good njob to everyone!


Local BC competitions – Register Now!

Feeling the hype of the new year fading away already? Finding yourself stuck in the same training/work schedule day after day? If that’s the case, then why not check out the competitions listed below to get your 2018 back on a high! There are plenty of competitions happening all over BC just waiting to be registered for on AskFred.net – https://askfred.net/Events/future.php?

2018 Intercollegiate Tournament – February 4th – University of Victoria CARSA Peformance Gym: Victoria, BC

Dynamo Youth Grand Prix (#4) – February 11th – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC

OFF Spring Fling Epee Challenge 2018 – March 9th-11th Winfield Memorial Hall : Lake Country, BC

2018 Escrime Sundae Tournament – March 10th – University of Victoria CARSA: Victoria , BC

2018 Steven Lazar Memorial Tournament – March 18th – AMS Student Nest, Great Hall : Vancouver, BC

TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #4 – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gymnasium: Coquitlam, BC

Meadowridge Open 2018 – April 14th-15th – Meadowridge School: Maple Ridge, BC

Dynamo Youth Grande Finale (#5) Y8-Y14, Junior – May 6th – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC

Jeux de Pomme 2018 – May 12th-13th – Beairsto Elementary School: Vernon, BC

TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit Final – May 27th – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gymnasium: Coquitlam, BC

Men’s Epee World Cup 2018: Volunteers Needed!

Get ready, because the Men’s Epee World Cup is coming back to BC! This event has shown to be a thrilling spectacle for seasoned fencers and beginners alike, as it showcases high-level and even Olympic level fencing in our own backyard. However, such an event is only possible if we as the BC fencing community come together and lend a hand. So, if you are living in the greater Vancouver area, or are able to make it out for the weekend of February 16th-18th, don’t forget to sign up to volunteer for. There are a number of different volunteer positions that need to be filled, such as hospitality, video replay, and weapons check, so we’re going to need support from the whole BCFA community!

To sign up as a volunteer, please visit: http://signup.com/go/JjeRidW


For more details regarding the competition itself, take a look at the World Cup website: http://vancouverworldcup.com/


End of the year competitions!

It’s December, and 2017 is coming to a close, so let’s make sure to get out into the community and support those local competitions Register, spread the word, and make the year go out with a bang!

Dynamo Youth Open #3 (Christmas) – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC (Dec 10th)

Santa Open – Sutherland Secondary School: North Vancouver, BC (Dec 23rd)

AskFred.net Upcoming Competitions: https://askfred.net/Events/future.php?



2018 Can/Am Veterans Cup – Calling all BC Veterans!

Our BC veterans proved their skills at the Veteran World Championships a few weeks ago, and coming in May of 2018 is another opportunity to showcase that west coast talent! The Can/Am Veterans Cup is the premier veteran competition in North America, so let’s get as many of our athletes out there to represent British Columbia! The competition will be taking place in May of 2018 in Markham, Toronto. All further information regarding registration, competition format, and accommodation is posted below.

Can/Am Veterans Cup 2018

May 26 – 27

Markham (Toronto)

All weapons, individual and team

Master at Arms (three weapons) Champion Awards

Age group medals awarded

CFF Ranking points (for Canadian Fencers)

Cash Prizes and much more;

Gala Award Dinner & Dance, honouree for outstanding achievement in Veterans fencing.

The Venue:

Vango Toronto Fencing Center

980 Denison Street

A superb facility with 14 FIE strips and raised final strip.

 Most of all great fencing and camaraderie

Support and be part of Veterans fencing.



  Special rates event Hotel steps from venue.

Monte Carlo Inn, Downtown Markham

Single & Double $109.90

Continental Breakfast, Parking, local calls, WI FI; Complimentary


“Can/Am Veterans Cup 2018 Group Block” 329531 / Pin 011117

Must book by April 26, 2018

2017 Veteran World Championships (In Review)

The 2017 Veteran World Championships took place this past week (October 16th-21st), and our BC athletes will be returning home with some phenomenal results to show for it.

First up for our BC competitors were Mike Krasnich, and Roy Suzuki in Individual Men’s Sabre. Mike competed in the 50+ category of the Individual Men’s Sabre event. Poules presented Mike with a 58th seed position from his 1-5 display. He gained a bye into the round of 64, and was matched up with the 7th seeded fencer, Sergey Kushpil (RUS). Mike was unable to defeated the Russian, falling 10-5 and accepting his 58th place result in the end.

Next was Roy, who fenced in the 60+ age category, and went 2-3 in poules at the beginning of the day. After poules, he was seeded 27th and placed against Hon Kin Albert Tsang (HKG). Roy handily defeated his opponent 10-4 in his first DE, advancing him into the round of 32. Eric Loiseau (FRA) was Roy’s next bout, though the tables turned and the French fencer prevailed with a 10-4 win over our BC athlete. He concluded the event in 28th place. Mike and Roy both represented Canada and BC well, along with their combined efforts in the Team Men’s Sabre event.

Fran Sloan-Sainas and returning former Olympian, Susan Stewart were next up to represent our province in Individual Women’s Foil. Fran left poules ranked 23rd, giving her a BYE into the round of 32. She was up against Liubov Mayorova (RUS), though just narrowly missing the round of 16 with a final score of 6-4 for Mayorova. Still, Fran finished in 25th place in the 60+ event.

If you weren’t already familiar with Susan’s fencing career, she competed at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, placing 6th in team and 43rd in individual women’s foil. Stewart has yet again graced the world stage the Veteran Worlds, and begun the 70+ category with a 5th place seeding after poules. Once into the round of 16 after her bye through 32’s, Susan faced Ruth Dodge (USA). The bout ended with a 10-5 win for Dodge, and a 9th place result for Susan.

The next day, the ladies were up again for the Team Women’s foil event, this time accompanied by BC athelete Grace Born and Montreal teammate Siobhan Moss. In the poule rounds the ladies fenced against Australia, Germany, and Japan, though were unsuccessful against their opponents, leaving them with a 10th place seed into direct eliminations. With poules behind them, they fought hard against the Japanese team, and prevailed with a 30-26 win.  Moving onto the round of 8, team Canada was paired with the no.2 seed, France; though this didn’t shake them. Another 30-26 success over the French team, and they were onto the semi-finals! Facing off with the United States, who Susan was already familiar with after her individual event, emotions were high. The women put up a good fight against our Southern neighbours, but in the end the USA advanced into the final with a 30-15 win. Our Canadian team finished the event in 4th place after the bronze medal bout against Great Britain. Overall a fantastic world result for our Canadian/BC women’s team!

Onto day 4 of the competition, and it was Grace Born’s time to shine in Individual Women’s Sabre (50+). She started the event out slowly,  going 1-5 in poules and being seeded 27th going into DE’s – yet still gaining a bye into the round of 32. Grace kicked up the heat in the 32’s with a nail-biting victory of 10-9 over Jose M Padura (ESP), who was seeded 6th after poules. Another close bout came in the round of 16 against Vanessa Hendra (GBR), with Grace defeating the British fencer 10-8! The day progressed, and her next opponent was presented in the form of Friederike Janshen (GER). The German was the 3rd ranked fencer in the event, and was showing to be a tough competitor. Though Grace gave it all she had, the German ended up proceeding to the Semi with a 10-4 victory. Grace completed her Veteran Worlds with her best ever result, an 8th place result. Congratulations again, Grace!

Roy Suzuki, who fenced previously in the sabre events, Bela Suveg, and Andrew Shulz were our BC men’s epeeists at the Championships. Bela started the event off well, completing poules with 4 victories and 2 losses, placing him in the 32nd seed position. Due to his achievements throughout poules, Bela advanced straight into the round of 64. His first bout was against Alexandr Zagorulko (RUS), in which he defeated the Russian 9-5. In the round of 32, Bela’s opposition was Roberto Codon Miravalles (ESP). Despite his previous successes, the Spanish fencer took the win over our BC champion, with a 10-6 win. Bela concluded the event in 28th place.

Andrew began the Individual Men’s Epee 60+ event going 2-3 in his poule, with one competitor withdrawing from the competition. This initial result landed Andrew in a 45th place position directly advancing into the round of 64. His first bout was against Goran Elfverson, in which Elfverson won the bout 10-7.

Roy fenced alongside teammate Andrew Shulz in the 60+ age group. He finished poules with 3 victories and 2 losses, which presented him as the 36th seed, and a bye into the round of 64. However, Martin Dalla Vecchia (SUI) showed victorious against Roy with a 10-4 win. Andrew finished up the event in 31st place, while Roy came 42nd. All of our Men’s Epeeists demonstrated fabulous BC fencing throughout, and put in valiant efforts within the team event as well.

An overall wonderful performance by all of our Canadian and BC athletes. We are all looking forward to what seems to be a strong future for BC veteran fencing on the international stage! Go BC!



Looking Forward

If you’re an eager athlete trying to plan out your competition season already, there are some fantastic events all across BC waiting for you to sign up for them. They may not be coming for a couple of months, but its better to get on it now than to miss out on competing later!


UBC Remembrance Day Competition 2017AMS Student Nest, Great Hall: Vancouver, BC  (Nov 19th)

Pre-Xmas Epee Clash 2017 – Beairsto Elementary School: Vernon, BC (Nov 25-26th)


  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #2 – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gym: Coquitlam, BC (Dec 3rd)
  • Dynamo Youth Open #3 (Christmas) – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC (Dec 10th)


  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #3 – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gym: Coquitlam, BC (Jan 28th)


  • Dynamo Youth Grand Prix (#4) – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC (Feb 11th)


  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #4 – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gym: Coquitlam, BC (Mar 25th)


  • Dynamo Youth Open Grande Finale (#5) Y8-Y14, Junior – Dynamo Fencing Club: Richmond, BC (May 6th)
  • Jeux De Pomme 2018 – Beairsto Elementary School: Vernon, BC (May 12-13th)
  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit Grande Finale – Queen of All Saints Elementary School Gym: Coquitlam, BC (May 27th)

Flex that Fencing Brain!

We all experience motivational dips during the competition season; training nearly every day for hours on end may take its toll on some of us. At times your confidence may falter due to the blank slate that is the unknown future (i.e. point standings to qualify for national team, results at your next big competition, etc.), so how do we counteract these thoughts? I suggest getting your hands on the autobiography “Running With Swords” by Canada’s very own Sherraine Schalm. She has four Olympic games behind her, as well as multiple Pan American Games and World Championship medals to her name. Sherraine’s book is a fantastic display of true dedication, and the potential of what may come if you keep putting in the work to achieve your goals. A little bit of Canadian fencing history to get the season going!

Another fantastic read for those just dipping their toes into the fencing world, “How to Fence Epee” translated from French by our very own BC coach, Brendan Robertson from Okanagan Freestyle Fencing! Check out the link below for more information regarding this brilliant introduction into the technical world of our sport.

“How to Fence Epee”: http://www.howtofenceepee.com/about/

Sherraine Schalm’s Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherraine_Schalm