Canada Cup 1 – Richmond, BC

The first Canada Cup of the 2019/2020 season took place from September 27th-29th. It was a great showing for BC fencers, with 10 Gold medals, 12 Silver medals, 15 Bronze medals and numerous top-8 results over the three days of competition. A full list of the medal standings is listed below. Congratulations again to everyone who competed this past weekend – the BCFA is looking forward to a great season ahead!

Day 1: 

U-15 Men’s Foil:
Nicholas Zhang – Gold
Adrian Wong – Bronze

Senior Men’s Sabre:
Giorgio Gradassi – Silver
Jack Pan – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Epee:
Derek Rong – Gold
Avery Townsend – Bronze

U-23 Men’s Epee:
Riley Norman – Silver
Nicholas Pengelley – Bronze

Veteran Mixed Epee:
Bela Suveg – Gold
Joseph Powell – Silver

Junior Women’s Epee:
Christina Zozulya – Silver

U-15 Men’s Sabre:
Duncan Yang – Silver
Koan Nyantee-Zeiger – Bronze

Day 2:

Junior Men’s Sabre:
Giorgi Gradassi – Bronze
Jack Pan – Bronze

Cadet Women’s Epee:
Heidi Zhu – Gold
Angelica Sun – Silver
Janet Chen – Bronze

U-15 Men’s Epee:
Nicholas Zhang – Gold

Senior Men’s Epee:
Howard Zhao – Gold
Dylan French – Bronze

U-23 Women’s Sabre
Wing Ka Ariana Tang – Silver

Veteran Mixed Sabre:
Julian Tang – Silver

Veteran Women’s Foil
Grace Born – Silver

Day 3: 

Junior Men’s Epee:
Howard Zhao – Gold
Fynn Fafard – Silver
Avery Townsend – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Foil:
Adam Wong – Bronze
Nicholas Zhang – Bronze

Cadet Men’s Sabre:
Jack Pan – Gold

U-15 Women’s Epee:
Linda Li – Gold
Angelica Sun – Silver

Senior Women’s Epee:
Heidi Zhu – Bronze
Christina Zozulya – Bronze

U-15 Women’s Sabre:
Florella Peng – Bronze

U-23 Men’s Sabre:
Thomas Greenwood – Gold
Marshal Guo – Silver

Full Results: