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BC Men’s Epeeists compete at the 2020 World Cup!

This past weekend (February 7th-9th), six BC men’s epeeists competed at the Peter Bakonyi World Cup. The event was hosted at the Richmond Olympic Oval, where some of the 2010 Winter Olympics events were held 10 years ago!

Seraphim Jarov wasn’t only the highest ranking BC fencer, but also the highest ranking Canadian at the end of the competition. In poules he went 2-4, beating Mateusz Antiewicz (POL) 5-3 and Rok Sobocan (SLO) 4-0. With a 124th place seeding and a BYE into 128s, he was against Rubes Martin (CZE) first. He won the bout 15-12 to move into the 64s. In a close bout, he fenced Jose Felix Dominguez (ARG) and won 11-10. With day 1 of the day finished, Jarov would advance into the top 64 on day 2 – facing world no.4 Kazuyasu Minobe (JPN). Another close bout, but this time his opponent would take the win, with a score of 12-11 for Minobe. Jarov finished the event with a 62nd place result.

(Seraphim Jarov. Photo by Devin Manky)

Fynn Fafard started off the preliminary rounds with 2 wins and 4 losses, defeating Yeisser Ramirez (USA) 5-3, and Michael Geraghty (IRL) 5-2. He was seeded 135th after poules, which landed him a BYE into the round of 128. He faced Peeter Turnau (EST) in his first DE, and despite hanging onto a substantial lead for a majority of the bout, an arm injury hindered the bout. Turnau caught up and they went to the overtime minute. In a tense close-quarters fight, the Estonian took the 15th point and won the bout 15-13. Fafard finished the event with a 154th place result.

(Fynn Fafard and Peeter Turnau (EST). Photo by Devin Manky)

Dylan French also went 2-4 in his poule, with wins over Yuval Shalom Freilich (ISR) 5-1 and Hoi Sun Fong (HKG) 3-2. He was 147th going into DEs, just narrowly missing the cut. In his first DE, he faced Anatolii Herey (UKR); 4-time Gold, 2-time silver Satellite medalist, as well as bronze medalist at Grand Prix and World Cups. Their bout was a close 15-14, but Herey took the win in the end. French finished in 163rd place.

(Dylan French and Anatolii Herey (UKR). Photo by Devin Manky)

Zakhar Vozovik, Eli Lippman and Mateo Kadyszewski all fought hard in their poule matches, but unfortunately didn’t advance through to the direct elimination rounds. Vozovik went 1-5 in his poule, defeating Hongjie Song (CHN) 5-4. Lippman also went 1-5 in his poule, with a victory against Abdelkarim El Haouari (MAR) 5-3. Kadyszewski went 0-6 in his poule.

(Zakhar Vozovik. Photo by Devin Manky)

Dylan French and Seraphim Jarov both competed in the team event, alongside Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger and Maxime Brinck-Croteau. The team faced Korea in their first DE. At the beginning of the 5th leg, the Canadians were leading 12-11, but by the end of the period the Koreans were up 19-16. Their momentum didn’t halt, as their finished the bout with a score of 44-29. The Korean team (Sung Ho An, Jaeseon Kwon, Sangyoung Park and Jae Ho Song) would go on to win the Gold medal!

(Team Canada: Maxime Brink-Croteau, Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger, Seraphim Jarov, Dylan French and coach Victor Gantsevich. Photo by Devin Manky)

Congratulations to Seraphim Jarov for his top 64 results and to all of our BC fencers for their hard work this weekend. Well done to all of the boys that competed at the World Cup for the first time this year. Looking forward to some good results as the Pan Ams and World Championships draw closer!

Dynamo Fencers Off To The Ivy Leagues

No matter what sport, the chance to watch your favourite athletes perform up-close is an opportunity most young athletes can only dream of. However, if you’re a BC fencer (or one willing to make the commute) you can do just that. The Vancouver Men’s Epee World Cup is a competition that has allowed aspiring fencers the chance to learn from some of the highest ranked men’s epeeists in the world.

For some BC fencers, this learning experience has shown great benefit in their own personal journeys. Christina Zozulya and Howard Zhao are two Dynamo Fencing Club athletes heading off to ivy league universities in the US this fall. Zozulya will be attending Yale, while Zhao will be at Columbia University. Beyond their academic achievements, both of these promising young fencers have developed significant resumes of results.

This season, Zozulya secured a gold and silver medal in junior women’s epee across Nationals and the first Canada Cup in September, as well as a bronze medal and a 5th place result in the Senior division at these two events. In 2018, she won a Bronze medal at the Cadet European Circuit in Bratislava, Slovakia.

(Christina Zozulya)

Zhao has also proved himself on home soil, with numerous championship medals and national titles. Even more impressively, in 2017 he won a gold medal in cadet men’s epee at the North American Cup in Anaheim, California.

(Howard Zhao and Igor Gantsevich – Photo by Devin Manky)

The Vancouver World Cup has been instrumental in developing fencing style, skills and motivation of local athletes. Other fencers like Dylan French (Notre Dame, class of 2019) and Seraphim Jarov (UBC, class of 2023) have not only spectated, but competed in the Vancouver World Cup. In the future, we hope to see even more young fencers pursue their sport both on a nationwide and international scale through the inspiration of the Vancouver World Cup.

Vancouver to host 2020 Olympic Qualifier – February 7-9

(Photo by Devin Manky)

By: Elizabeth Douglas – January 23, 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics approach and tension builds as nations battle to qualify for extremely limited participation spots across all 33 sports. The struggle will play out in Vancouver in a few weeks with the world’s best fencers competing to represent their country in one of the most elegant and ancient sports on the Olympic program. A fencing World Cup of men’s épée at the Richmond Olympic Oval will be the scene – the second last chance in the world for these fencers to qualify for the Olympic Games. The Peter Bakonyi World Cup has been held since 2015, prior to which the Victor Gantsevich Grand Prix was held at the Richmond Olympic Oval from 2013-2014. The highlights, surprises and unexpected victories at these events over the years give a taste of the excitement and drama to come.


The World Cup in 2016 was an especially exciting one, as it lined up with the final competitions of Olympic qualifications for the team event. This means that a handful of countries were vying for the final qualifications spot. After a long, strenuous day of competing, the final spot came down to a fight between Hungary and Estonia in the semi-final. Tensions ran high as the two European teams fought for the chance to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. With two strong teams betted against each other, it all came down to the final overtime minute, tied at 14-14. In fencing terms: “la belle”. Ultimately, in a flash, András Rédli of Hungary scored the 15th point and took a victory lap around the venue, waving his epee in the air.


Coming off a high from the semi-final bout, the Hungarian team fought their way to a gold medal against Kazakstan – an Olympic qualification and a World Cup gold medal all in one day.


(Team Hungary on the podium – 2016 Vancouver Men’s Epee World Cup – Photo by Devin Manky)


Another highlight came from the year before, with Pavel Pitra’s individual silver medal in 2015. The Czech Republic fencer was an underdog of the competition, seeded 80th after poules. However, he quickly proved himself as a worthy competitor with memorable victories against fencers like 2-time Olympic medalist Ivan Trevejo (FRA) in the round of 32 and 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Jin-sun Jung (KOR) in the semi-final. Despite the long two days of competing, Pitra notably kept a huge, bright smile on his face, shining through his intense focus. Two years later, the Czech Republic team would go on to win the gold medal against Ukraine in 2017.

(Czech Republic vs. Ukraine – 2017 Vancouver Men’s Epee World Cup – Photo by

Devin Manky)


In 2019, Koki Kano of Japan took home the individual gold medal. Kano is currently ranked 9th in the FIE rankings, despite being only 22 years old. Not only did he win the gold medal, he faced some stiff competition along the way. The final saw Kano take on Italy’s Enrico Garozzo, where Kano came away victorious with a score of 15-7 in the first period. Garozzo is a previous Vancouver World Cup gold medalist from 2016, as well as a team silver medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

(CUOMO Valerio vs. KANO Koki – 2019 Vancouver Men’s Epee World Cup – Photo by Devin Manky)


With another Olympic Games just around the corner, there are sure to be some exciting bouts at this year’s World Cup. Who will we see on top of the podium this year? Who will secure the chance to chase Olympic glory in Tokyo?



Men’s Epee World Cup 2018: Volunteers Needed!

Get ready, because the Men’s Epee World Cup is coming back to BC! This event has shown to be a thrilling spectacle for seasoned fencers and beginners alike, as it showcases high-level and even Olympic level fencing in our own backyard. However, such an event is only possible if we as the BC fencing community come together and lend a hand. So, if you are living in the greater Vancouver area, or are able to make it out for the weekend of February 16th-18th, don’t forget to sign up to volunteer for. There are a number of different volunteer positions that need to be filled, such as hospitality, video replay, and weapons check, so we’re going to need support from the whole BCFA community!

To sign up as a volunteer, please visit:


For more details regarding the competition itself, take a look at the World Cup website:


Peter Bakonyi Volunteers Needed!

We need your help! The BC Fencing Association together with the Canadian Fencing Federation is very excited to be hosting, for the 5th time, a world class competitive fencing event – The Peter Bakonyi Men’s Epee World Cup event on the weekend of February 17-19, 2017. The success of this exciting international event depends on dedicated local volunteers. If you are passionate about the sport of fencing, Canadian athletics or in giving back to the community, join our team today! It is a great chance to get up close to some of the world’s best athletes, and for youth to earn volunteer hours for their programs.


Please sign up for tasks that range from setting up prior to the event all the way through to taking down after.


We’re using to help us organize the volunteer portion of our event. If you or anyone you know is interested PLEASE SIGN UP – here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click here or follow the volunteer links on the event web site at
  2. Enter your email address: we need this to contact you with information about the event (you will NOT need to register an account on
  3. Sign up to the roles that interest you, and the site will send you an automated confirmation message and reminders. Easy!


Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!